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Congratulations BANCF members!

The Builders Association of North Central Florida (BANCF) recently held a membership drive and 76 new members joined the 550 company based organization.  This makes BANCF one of the largest and strongest Associations in the state of Florida. 

For consumers, this means BANCF has even more services or products that members can help with. Check out our online directory – use the keyword search or search by classification for all your home and office needs.

Why should you use a BANCF Member?


BANCF members are informed on the most up-to-date information as the housing industry continues to change at the local, state and national levels.

They work for you!

Every day, the National Association of Home Builders, Florida Home Builders Association, and BANCF fight to defeat excessive regulations that are driving up the cost of housing. That puts money and time back in your pocket while promoting the creation of desirable communities and the American Dream of home ownership.


Members support the community in many ways. They volunteer at events, support local organizations, and contribute to BANCF’s scholarships and educational work. They are dedicated and committed!

BANCF is a strong and vital organization. Even in economic downturns, BANCF is one of the few Associations who remained strong. And that is thanks to our Members that are the area’s finest business professionals.  With them we advocate for the building industry and the community! 

Interested in being part of the BANCF family?

There are many reasons to join - see why you should!

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