Continuing Education

What are the Requirements for Continuing Education?

All contractors licensed in the State of Florida are required to have 14 hours of approved continuing education each biennium prior to the renewal period for both certified and registered contractors. Certified contractors renew their licenses on August 31st of every even-numbered year.  Registered contractors renew their licenses August 31st of every odd-numbered year.

Of the 14 hours, at least 1 hour must deal with Workplace Safety, 1 hour on the subject of Worker's Compensation, 1 hour on the subject of Business Practices, 1 hour on the subject of Laws and Rules and 1 hour on Florida Building Code advanced modules. And the newest requirement, 1 hour on Wind Mitigation Methodology.  The remaining credits are classified as general credits. A person who holds more than one certificate or registration issued by the board is required to complete the continuing education requirements only once during each biennial certification renewal period and only once during each biennial registration period.  Check out these FAQs for more information. 

How can I check on the number of CE Credit Hours I have completed?

To find out how many CE credits you have: log on to My Florida License and click on My Continuing Education.  You will be asked to activate your online account if you have not already. The requirement for providers to report completed CE courses was not established until 2001 so the only hours tracked are since that date.

Should I keep my Continuing Education Certificates of Completion?

Licensees should maintain their individual course completion certificates. Online accounts will only reflect hours for the current renewal cycle. Licensees will not be able to view past hours once a renewal cycle has ended and/or the license has been renewed.  It is ultimately the licensee’s responsibility to prove completion of courses.

Where can I get my required 14 hours of continuing education?

There are a few options available.  In 2020, the Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) is offering free live virtual continuing education courses during the SEBC 2020 Re-Imagined Show.  FHBA also offers online education through a partnership with Home Prep.  A third option is to sign up for FHBA's Building Code Training sessions being held around the state which provide 7 free CEUs.  For more information, including license renewal information and lists of other CEU providers in the state, please visit

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